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Nokia Lumia 610 specifications revealed

Specifications have leaked with a little more information about the suspected third Windows Phone from Nokia, the Nokia Lumia 610, including the screen size and camera resolution.

Although Nokia has yet to confirm any information about the Lumia 610 (or even officially reveal it’s name), but it’s thought it will be cheaper than the Lumia 710 and of course the flagship Lumia 800.

BGR India has a little bit more information about the phone. A ‘trusted source’ has revealed it will include a 3.3-inch display (slightly smaller than the 3.7-inches of the Lumia 710) and a 3-megapixel camera. It’s thought to be launching with Windows Phone’s ‘Tango,’ the next incarnations of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, in which case the phone will need a minimum of 256MB RAM

Pricing has also been revealed as 11,000 Rupee’s which is around £140 – pricing that seems fairly accurate considering the Nokia Lumia 710 costs £200 on PAYG.

Nokia is due to make an official announcement tomorrow when CEO Stephen Elop will speak at MWC. We’ll bring you more news tomorrow, not only about the Nokia Lumia 610, but the rumoured six other handsets, including the Nokia N8 successor, the Nokia Pure View.



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