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Nokia Lumia 800 only takes microSIM

Remember when we saw the iPhone 4 for the first time? We had to deal with that pesky microSIM. For years we’ve been entrenched in our bourgeois ways of regular sized SIM cards, but alas, it is to be no more.

Here’s an interesting tidbit for you courtesy of Vodafone’s landing page: the Nokia Lumia 800 will only accept a microSIM, just like the iPhone 4/4S and 3G iPad. Those of you looking to see some Nokia on Mango action will either have to ask very nicely for a new microSIM from your network provider, or cut your current SIM down to size.

Why, I hear you cry? As demand for smaller and thinner gadgets increases, space inside our devices is at a premium. Getting every single component as small as possible helps to keep our phones svelte. Maybe the Lumia 800 isn’t the best example at 12.1mm (almost as thick as the iPhone 3GS), but if you look at the Motorola RAZR (also takes a microSIM), you can see how they managed to get it down to just 7.1mm.

There’s still a long way to go until all new phones make the jump to microSIM, but rest easy in the knowledge that if you’re constantly swapping phones and you need a regular SIM again, adaptors are plentiful on eBay.

Source: Vodafone


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