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Nokia pits the Lumia 928 against the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 in video showdown

The Nokia Lumia 928 hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but Nokia seems all too keen to promote the phone as much as possible. Two new little goodies await anyone interested in the new handset, namely a new image that gives us a better look at the design, and a video comparing the optical image stabilisation to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

First up is the new design. As you can see, the Lumia 928 isn’t quite as curvy as the Lumia 920, most likely due to the slightly thinner chassis that the device has been rumoured for. The top of the phone looks pretty similar to Nokia’s former flagship, though. If anything it looks like a cross between a Lumia 800 and a Lumia 920. That’s certainly not a bad thing, and it’d be great if the phone really turns out to be thinner and lighter as rumours have suggested.

The video, meanwhile, sees Nokia taking a Lumia 928 on a rollercoaster at night to really show off the image stabilisation as well as the low-light capabilities. It’s pretty impressive how smooth the video is in certain places, but in other spots there’s definitely some distortion as the sensor and software tries to compensate for the shaking.

Still, it looks fantastic compared to the Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. Both of those don’t come anywhere close to providing the same results, as the video quickly points out. The colours on the iPhone 5 seem to suffer, and the image is never really in focus thanks to the tumultuous journey along the tracks. The Galaxy S3 fares slightly better, but is again hamstrung by focus issues as well as noisy video. So yes, the Lumia 928 seems to do a good job in the camera department compared to its rivals, but maybe Nokia should focus on actually announcing and releasing the phone for now.

[spotted at WMPowerUser]


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