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Nokia N8 steers remote-control cars with new developmental app

Indian app develeoper Divum has teamed together Nokia India to create this clever feature allowing you to pair a Nokia N8 with remote-control cars.

“The smart devices (market) is one of the three key focus areas for Nokia, according to our global strategy announced earlier this year,” said Viral Oza, director of marketing at Nokia India.

“We believe that smart phones will continue to evolve and enable consumers to communicate with a host of other gadgets and do a lot more with their devices.

“We believe that this concept will showcase the future of smart phones through the world of devices and apps,” he added.

Sunil Rao, head of Nokia Forum India, said that the app developed by Divum, took only three weeks to finish.

“It provides consumers with a real life motion gaming experience. Through the device and app, the mini model cars can be controlled from anywhere on the planet through internet connectivity as well.”

Nokia India set to launch several more apps that use the N8 in interesting ways. More interesting apps when we see them.

Via: WOMWorld
Source Yahoo India, Facebook



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