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Nokia N9: Alive! Promo video shows off phone curves and not much else

Wait, so it’s not dead?

Apparently not. Nokia’s pushing on with their next slider-phone, the N9.

They’re pushing it so much that they’ve already made a promotional short for it. Expect Nokia’s traditional soft-focus lens magickery, music festival love-ins, and yes, a Nokia OS. See the whole video below.

We heard that Nokia’s Meego, the successor to Symbian, wasn’t doing too well on the N9, but it looks hard to tell whether this is Meego or the new Symbian Anna on show.

One of the most interesting teases is the camera- a 12-megapixel one. Looks like Nokia are following up on the N8’s photographic chops. There are also glimpses of Ovi Maps and Dri…. I mean, Nokia Services.

The N9’s slide-out keyboard is also looking slightly different. We’re hoping it has the same satisfying slider action found in the older E7. We also love the soundtrack to this ad- and (sort-of) get the Jesse’s Girl reference, given that it’s all about unrequited love. Poor Nokia.

Via: Pocketnow


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