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Nokia N9 dual-boots into Ice Cream Sandwich

The bittersweet story of the Meego running Nokia N9 has just had seen a distinctly sugary twist in the form of an Android 4.0 port. Slashgear have reported that a certain Alexey Roslyakov has managed to dual-boot Ice Cream Sandwich onto his Nokia N9. With Meego’s linux kernel sharing more with Android than any other major mobile operating system, coupled with Alexey’s experience porting Android onto the Nokia N900, many were hoping a port would find its way onto the N9.

Despite having received huge amounts of critical adoration from reviewers far and wide, the Nokia N9 was only released in a select few markets as a result of Nokia’s partnering with Microsoft to include Windows Phone on their future smartphones. In turn, the N9 is difficult to come by across most of Europe, the UK included.

A successful port of Ice Cream Sandwich would therefore be the ultimate validation for Nokia N9 users, opening up the handset to thousands of applications, and future-proofing it considerably. The truth of the matter however is it’s not there yet. With no word of a release build, development is being staggered by software / hardware compatibility issues and getting OpenGL to work.

With any luck, the determination Nokia fans are famous for will push through and a working Beta will be publically released soon. In the meantime, this initial result offers a glimmer of hope for an Android N9.


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