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Nokia N9 rumour mill turns: Leaked specs join leaked images

If it’s not one long-rumoured Nokia handset, it’s another. The Nokia N9 has been widely touted as the Finn’s first Meego handset, and today a number of specs have broken cover and got us all vaguely excited.

If the leaked specs are to be believed, we should expect a 4-inch OLED screen, 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (very unlike Nokia) keeping the Meego OS ticking over. Memory-wise, the tipster suggests that it’ll have a ginormous 64GB of internal memory.

The rumour mill suggests that the Nokia N9 will also offer WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+ and HSPA+ connectivity. Camera-wise, it’ll be able to record 720P HD video although no word on megapixellage for still shots.

Of course, we can’t stress enough that these are rumours (even the photos are leaks and therefore can’t be taken as gospel), so take all this with a bucket load of salt so as not to be disappointed by the actual specifications when they’re (hopefully) announced at Nokia World next month.

[NokNok via Slashgear]


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