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Nokia N9 to run on 1.2GHz Intel processor and run MeeGo?

This isn’t the first leaked shot of the Nokia N9 we’ve seen and it’s not the first time we’ve heard that said phone will run on MeeGo either. But the latest leaked of the Nokia phone comes with a whisper that it’ll pack an 1.2GHz Intel processor, meaning that the Nokia N9 is going to pack some serious horsepower.

The leak also says that the N9’s camera will be the same as that of the N8, i.e. 12-megapixels with a xenon flash.

We’re expecting that the N9 will be announced during Mobile World Congress, at Stephen Elop’s keynote speech on Wednesday the 16th – almost a year to the day MeeGo was first announced by Nokia and Intel.

What we’ve seen of MeeGo so far has been promising, and the N9’s specs are looking good as well. If MeeGo can deliver a user experience that can match up to the power of the hardware, then the Nokia N9 could be one of the phones of 2011.

Source: Prosessori [Google Translate] via Engadget


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