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Nokia N900 will soon be able to dual-boot MeeGo

You can almost hear the strains of Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forget About Me as you read the news that the Nokia N900 will soon be capable of dual-booting MeeGo, Nokia and Intel’s stab at a new operating system.

Currently running Maemo, and the only Nokia device ever to do so, the Nokia N900 has been overshadowed by a slew of new smartphone announcements since its release late last year. Quite aside from the iPhone 4, HTC Desire HD and pretty much all the new Windows Phone 7 handsets, Nokia’s own N8, a Symbian handset, has stolen the limelight.

This MeeGo based news could be the comeback N900 fans have been waiting for though. Released screengrabs suggest that MeeGo may not be the unparalleled disaster some pundits predicted, with an attractive-looking UI and rethought-structure to the OS piquing our interest.

N900 owners can see for themselves as the PR 1.3 update is coming soon – this will allow them to dual boot their handsets between Maemo and Meego. It’s worth noting that if you decide to install MeeGo on your N900, you do it at your own risk – it’s open source software so you may experience unforeseen issues. But if you’re peachy keen and get it working, the MeeGo blog says that the update is “quite close now” so stand by.

UPDATE: Nokia, the old spoilsports, have said that this development is for developers only, not consumers. Still, if you’ve got technical know-how then we’re sure you’ll find a way to get dual-boot MeeGo up and running on your N900…

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