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Nokia N95 8GB Review


A new and improved version of Nokia’s wildly successful N95 smart phone that, as its name suggests, comes with 8GB of memory. Is this just a simple memory upgrade or is it a better phone?

What we like
The N95 8GB doesn’t really do anything that the N95 didn’t – it does more of the same, only better. The N95 8GB’s screen is larger which makes a pleasing difference when watching films that you can store on the 8GB of internal memory. The battery has been improved, so you can snap more pics, surf the net for longer and listen to more music.

What we don’t like
Lack of a card slot means that this phone will frustrate you if you’re looking to add more memory or need to install a GPS app that comes on a card. At times we found the N95 8GB crashed but it was infrequent and may have just been our review model. Also, if you’re looking to buy the N95 8GB SIM-free it’s not as cheap as other models.

The N95 8GB is a welcome update to the N95 and offers a more polished offering. There’s plenty to like here, with a larger screen and improved battery life. Hardcore users who want to swap cards and expand the memory will be disappointed by the lack of a card slot, but 8GB should be more than enough for most users. 




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