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Nokia releases Windows Phone music app update: plus Play To in beta

Nokia certainly has been busy with its app updates lately, most recently updating Nokia Drive, Maps and Transport apps, plus its Creative Studio app. Not to be left out, Nokia has released another update that is music to our ears, this time for Nokia Music 2.0, as reported by Engadget.

 Nokia Play To app screenshot 

The update for its Music app does little more then a few minor changes and name differences including “MP3 Store” is now called “Shop” – so nothing mind-blowing there.

Alongside this update is a completely new edition dubbed Nokia Play To, which comes in beta form for Lumia devices. The Nokia Play To beta software is certainly a little more interesting. It’s designed for users with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) equipment such as Blu-ray and TV and will provide the ability to stream photos and videos from your phone direct to your TV screen for the family to watch.

Although music streaming is not yet operational, anyone interested in being a beta tester can head over to the Nokia Beta Labs to find out more. Here you can download the app and try it out with any DLNA-capable device you have.


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