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Nokia sells £25 phone cycle charger

For all of us trying to shrink our carbon footprint, Nokia now offers a phone charger- powered by a dynamo on your bike. Available now from Nokia UK online, this charger taps into all that energy going around your own bike wheels.

Depending on your phone (and battery), the charger promises 28 minutes of talk-time for 10 minutes of sustained pedalling. (The specifics are that you need to be going faster than 6 kmph, and at 12 kmph, the dynamo will charge just as efficiently as a normal plug-in charger.)

The charger will transfer its power through an 2mm jack, but buy Nokia’s own adapter, and it should work with any micro-USB model.

Nokia originally showed off the charger set in Kenya, aiming it at developing countries at a friendlier €15 price-tag. But there’s been a bit of price inflation after making its way into Nokia’s European sites, and is now priced at €30.

The kit comes with an adapter for your Nokia phone, and a phone holder, attachable to your handlebar. you’ll have to rig up the dynamo to the front wheel yourself.

It doesn’t look too unwieldly, and should prove to be a useful power top-up for anyone that commutes around on a bike every day. What we really want to know is which charges a phone faster, this or the nPower PEG

Via Engadget, via All About Symbian


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