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Nokia Smart Camera announced with Lumia 925

Nokia’s Smart Camera has been introduced with the Nokia Lumia 925. It features five key modes that enable even more intelligent automation, saving you swapping out lenses and keeping all the functionality in one place.

Able to discern movement, it can do crazy things like add motion blur, include multiple images of a moving object as well as things we’ve seen before like a best face style group shot editor. Shooting 10 burst shots at 5-megapixels, while not full resolution, it’s perfectly respectable, delivering enough pixels for a printable picture.

Nokia Smart Camera sample

Nokia’s Jo Harlow even demoed this with a slam-dunk on stage, kitted out in full basketball garb. The results were motion blurred then turned into an action shot, with interaction looking simple and taking no time flat.

Running through the five shooting modes, action shot drops multiple instances of the moving object into frame. Motion blur delivers a trail of movement behind the subject, with the blurred background mode isolating the subject and, as the name suggests, blurring the background.

The group shot mode delivers the same kind of functionality as Samsung’s Best face and BlackBerry’s Time Shift, allowing users to swap out faces of individuals without disrupting the rest of the image. Finally, the Nokia Smart Camera lets you scrub out background elements of objects that move across the frame.

The feature will launch with the Nokia Lumia 925, making its way to the current portfolio of Windows Phone 8 devices in the form of the Nokia Lumia Amber update, on track for this summer.


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