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Nokia takes hammer to Lumia 900 (video)

Nokia has released a sporting response video on its Nokia Conversations blog to one released from Sonim Mobile, claiming to have the world’s toughest phone. The video features two Nokia Engineers, one Nokia Lumia 900, one hammer, a plank of wood and a pack of nails – this is going to be messy.

The Nokia Lumia 900 doesn’t only sport a large AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera and 1.5GHz processor … but also, and probably most importantly for the purposes of this video, Corning’s Gorilla Glass. The engineer first takes a nail and tries to hammer a nail into the screen of the Lumia 900 and second of all uses the devices screen as a hammer to, very easily, hammer a nail into a plank of wood – hence matching that seen in the Sonim video.

Screen shot of nokia Lumia 900 tough phone test video

Of course Nokia does not recommend trying this out at home kids and we don’t think it will not start covering nail damage in its warranty for “normal use”.

Mike Myers, one of the engineers behind the video commented: “Our Failure Analysis Specialist Mike Wellborn saw the [ Sonim] video on YouTube and told us how amazing it was. Chris and I said that our Lumia 900 would be able to survive this “test” as well . . . Mike Wellborn did not seem to think it could be done. On a gentleman’s bet, we headed down to the lab and tried it out. The Lumia 710 was the first phone victim. It performed just as the 900 did in the video.’

At the end of the video even Stephen Elop, Nokia CEO, makes an appearance, well not quite, he calls in on the Nokia after it has received its hammering. You can check out the full video from Nokia below, enjoy:


Here is the original video from Sonim Mobile that inspired the chaps over at Nokia:


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