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Nokia Zeta 700 pics leaked: Another Symbian Belle in the wild

Another day, another Nokia leak – seems to have become the mantra to be for the last few days. Some shots purporting to the of the Nokia Zeta 700 have surfaced which, like the leaked pics we’ve seen of the Nokia Cindy/600/N5, appears to be running on Symbian Belle, the next iteration of Symbian after the still-forthcoming Symbian Anna.

An anonymous tipster sent these blurry spy shots to GSM Arena, which appear to show a Nokia phone with a 5-megapixel camera and a 3.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen.

This lends a shred more credence to those leaked ‘spec sheets’ we saw yesterday, but we’ll reach for a pinch of salt or twelve, all the same.

GSM Arena’s source also claims that the Nokia Zeta 700 (aka the N7, aka the RM-670) features an NFC chip inside (another thing the spec sheet got right) and there is indeed a little NFC icon visible on the screen above.

But the source also claims that it’s measurements are 110 x 51 x 10mm – which doesn’t exactly support the “thinnest smartphone ever” claim.

Claims of slimness aside, we’re more prepared to believe that the Zeta might be genuine after seeing these pics.

Via: TechRadar


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