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Nokia’s Greatest Hits (and a few of their misses)

As crunch-time beckons for Nokia, we thought it was a good time to look back at the days where they WERE the phone maker. Come on along on a nostalgia-tinged trip through Nokia history, filled with some great, and not so great, Finnish phones.

Nokia 3210

Before Angry Birds- long before, there was Snake. More portable than your Gameboy, the 3210 was the start of mass mobile phone gaming. Don’t forget that the 3210 also popularised exchangeable covers, and there was even the ability to compose your own ringtones. Two final words. Internal. Antennae.

Nokia N-Gage

Billed as the gaming mobile, Nokia, sorry about this, failed to”N-Gage” with gamers; to change games on the earlier model, users needed to remove the battery, and the actual game screen (though it was somehow capable of displaying Tomb Raider) had an odd vertical position, completely different to any other gaming device before it.

The worst bit was that you looked like a complete idiot if you used it as a phone; you had to talk into the side of the phone. Classy.

Nokia 7600

Yes, we actually owned this. Requiring two hands to text with any modicum of accuracy, we got up to a pretty mean speed- two thumbs means double speed. You could personalise the outer sides of the phone with extra coloured ‘corners’ and the phone had limited storage for mp3 music, which could be assigned to ring-tones. Shame it looked like this.

Nokia 8800

Isn’t it beautiful? This, the Carbon Arte model, was a shrine to titanium, carbon fibre and glass. Back in 2005, it already packed 4GB of internal storage, but no expansion. One of the last old-school desirable phones, Nokia went to town on the materials.

Innards included a camera capable of VGA video, and 3.2-megapixel photos.

Picture from Trusted Reviews

The N8 has an OLED screen, and a rather brilliant 12-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, paired with a Xenon flash. There’s also 16GB on onboard memory, which can be expanded further through the microSD slot.

But in these Android/iPhone-filled days, the touchscreen just doesn’t feel as good as its rivals, nor was it as intuitive. (Psst, for the record, the N8 could do video-calling over 3G straight out of the box.)

Nokia 7110

Not actually That Phone Off The Matrix, Nokia created this following the release of the film, where the film-makers had customised an earlier Nokia 8110, springloading the key-cover.
The phone also had a scroll-wheel in the centre, for browsing SMS messages and contacts, and was the first to offer WAP internet browsing- if you could manage on the data connections of yesteryear.

Picture from

Nokia 1100

The best selling phone ever. No wait- it’s the best selling consumer electronics device ever. Released in 2003, but housing features similar to devices from five years earlier, it targeted developing countries, and has sold over 250 million so far.

Pictures from Cameraphones Plaza


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