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Nokia’s name will soon be no more. To be replaced by Microsoft Mobile

The Nokia name has served as one of the most influential and iconic brands in the evolution of the mobile phone, and it’ll be gone in the next 18 months.

Nokia and Microsoft finally sealed the £4.5bn deal they’d first announced back in September last year, at the end of April 2014. Microsoft gained the rights to Nokia’s consumer-facing mobile portfolio (and a wealth of patents); including the Lumia, Asha and Nokia X families as well as the company’s feature phones, but one thing they aren’t planning on holding onto for very long is the name.

Satya Nadella & Stephen Elop

The terms of the deal outline the process of rebranding now that Microsoft’s in control. The Lumia line will be first to lose its Nokia identity at the end of an 18-month period, after which it will be assimilated into the new Microsoft Mobile family. The Nokia X brand will disappear right after at the end of 2015 and Nokia’s feature phones will hold onto their name for the next decade before they bow out.

The information comes as part of a leaked email to Nokia employees from Microsoft surrounding its ‘Day One’ strategy – the steps being taken to facilitate the absorption of Nokia into Microsoft. The email, which Evleaks published online for all to see outlines more than just Nokia’s phones, but also plans for Nokia stores, advertising partners, customer support and more.

Interestingly, three key elements of Nokia’s identity were not included in the Microsoft deal, perhaps the most important and memorable brand assets Nokia possesses: the Nokia theme, the ‘Connecting People’ tag line and the holding hands animation shall remain in the Finnish company’s control.

So what do you think about losing the Nokia name? Will it help or hinder Microsoft to stamp its name on upcoming smartphones instead? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.



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