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Nokia’s Pure View camera coming to Nokia Lumia Windows Phones

No-one was quite ready for the Nokia 808 Pure View at Mobile World Congress last week. The Symbian Nokia Belle phone with the 41-megapixel camera raised more than a few eyebrows at the Nokia stand, ours included.

So we we’re pretty excited to hear that Nokia’s Pure View technology that made the 808 such a head-turner looks set to be coming to a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone in the near future.

No word on if this means the exact same 41-megapixel sensor will be appearing on a Nokia Lumia 1000 by the time Windows Phone Apollo lands, but hopefully we’ll be seeing some bigger cameras in future Lumia phones.

News of this comes by way of WP Central. A translatation of  an interview with Nokia’s Jo Harlow in Finnish newspaper Aamulehti, saying (via Google Translate) “I can not say precisely when [Pure View cameras will be in Windows Phones] but it will not be very long.”

So far it’s just the US-only HTC Titan II with a 16-megapixel camera that’s broken away from the normal 5 and 8-megapixel pack.

Despite looking like overkill on paper, we were treated to a hands-on demo of the Nokia 808 Pure View which changed our perceptions somewhat. If Nokia is allowed to import the exact same UI of the Pure View’s camera and camcorder apps to future Nokia phones then that’d be something pretty special.


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