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Nokia’s PureView ‘EOS’ phone shown off in multiple leaks

Earlier this week, a report indicated that Nokia was in the process of testing its PureView Windows Phone on US carrier AT&T. Now a flood of photos of the phone have made their way onto the internet, giving us a better look at the design of the handset as well as the enormous 41-megapixel sensor that it brings.

WPDang first showed off the Nokia EOS – an internal codename, also dubbed “Elvis” – last night, confirming that Nokia will be sticking to the design guidelines laid down by the Nokia Lumia 920. A 9.7mm thick, yellow polycarbonate shell serves as the housing for a gigantic camera sensor, most likely identical to what was used in the 808 PureView.

Those initial pictures only showed the gap where the sensor would be, but Twitter account @Vizileaks quickly followed up WPDang’s efforts with even clearer pictures of the phone. The sensor was the focus on those snaps, showing a rounded disc that almost looks like it can be popped in and out of the gap. That huge sensor definitely adds to the thickness of the EOS, but it looks somewhat more tolerable than the 808 PureView.

As if that wasn’t enough, GSMArena posted a set of fresh pictures shortly afterwards. The handset was shot at just about every angle, giving us the best pictures yet of the phone from the sides and the top.

Specifications for the device were first gleaned last week, with the EOS said to include an OLED display with a 1280×768 resolution, 32GB of internal storage, and the 41-megapixel PureView sensor. There’s no exact word on a release date, but the phone will probably see an official announcement relatively soon given thse new leaks.


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