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nPower PEG stores kinetic energy, charges your mobile

Is it a rolling pin? Or a can of hairspray? Nope. It’s actually a portable charger for your mobile. The catchily-titled nPower PEG absorbs kinetic energy as you move around; following a brisk stroll, you simply plug the device into your phone, and it’ll begin to charge.

How long am I going to have to walk to charge my phone? Jessica Davis, director of PR for the nPower PEG, says that 26 minutes of walking should give enough charge for one minute of talking and texting.

Obviously you’re going to need some serious bag space to lug this thing around in, or run the risk of looking rather silly about town. Is that an nPower PEG in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?

The nPower PEG is set to go on sale in the US this year for $160 (£103). No word of a UK release date as of yet; we’ve asked nPower PEG if they’re planning to sell it over here and are waiting to hear back.

Source: Guardian


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