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Nvidia leak reveals 3D phone processor to rival Nintendo 3DS

Phones look set to rival the Nintendo 3DS with their own 3D displays this year. Following on from Nvidia’s promise of future high-powered mobile processors, Techeye have details of their next big processor.

Not a Tegra 3, but a Tegra 2 3D (we were close) was revealed on a slide leaked from Nvidia’s presentation for Mobile World Congress- next month’s huge mobile phone industry event.

It’s a good leak, revealing that Nvidia looks to be already making a 3D-capable chips this quarter.

Promising to be even faster than the processors in forthcoming dual-core phones and tablets, Techeye thinks the 3D-enabled chip will be paired with screen technology slightly different to what makes Nintendo’s magical 3D effects, but still without the need for awkward glasses.

We’ll be at reporting from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, even if everyone’s presentation slides have been leaked before the show.

Via; Techeye


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