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Nvidia launches uber-powerful Shield gaming tablet

Nvidia has launched a new Shield gaming tablet and wireless controller, bringing what it says is the world’s most advanced mobile processor to the mobile gaming industry.

Not only can Nvidia’s new 8-inch Shield tablet play Android-powered games downloaded from Google Play or Nvidia’s Hub app, but it can also stream games using WiFi or 4G direct from a PC, bringing ‘near-console graphics’ to a mobile device. 

Nvidia launches the most powerful tablet yet, the Shield tablet, plus a wireless controller to stream PC games or play Android titles

The Shield tablet follows in the footsteps of the Shield console, which was never actually released in the UK despite appearing at press shows. This new tablet features a Full HD 1920×1080-pixel screen, and comes pre-installed with Trine 2: Complete Story, so you can start gaming without downloading a thing.

Powered by a 192-core GPU mounted on the Tegra K1, Nvidia claims the Shield device uses the most advanced mobile processor available on a device. The tablet can also use a PC’s graphics card if you’re streaming games, although only some Nvidia-powered PCs are compatible with this feature.

The Shield tablet will be available with either WiFi or WiFi and LTE connectivity. Both 16GB and 32GB models will be available to buy in the UK and both will come with microSD support up to 128GB.

Everyone knows that gaming on a tablet by itself is often complete balls, so Nvidia has wisely unveiled a smart new wireless controller to accompany it. And although there’s already a plethora of other tablet game controllers available to purchase, Nvidia’s is one of the lowest-priced at £49.99.

Nvidia says it offers low latency WiFi connectivity between the controller and tablet, with the delay between the devices comparable to the Xbox and its controller, i.e. negligible.

A tablet cover accessory is also available, so you can comfortably prop the tablet up to get that perfect gaming angle. Of course, whether this’ll work when you’re lazing in bed is another thing entirely. Part of the original Shield console’s charm was how it meant you could play PC games ’til the wee hours, all while tucked up with teddy. We just hope the Shield tablet will let us repeat those all-night deathmatch sessions.

The Nvidia Shield tablet prices will start at £239.99 for the 16GB WiFi-only version, and it’s available to pre-order now along with the controller.


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