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NVIDIA Tegra 3, now 4-PLUS-1

It’s pretty common knowledge that the quad-core NVIDIA Tegra-3 processor is in fact a five-cored beast with a low powered 500MHz core in there to handle menial tasks. Accordingly, the Tegra-3 has had a bit of a re-branding to better illustrate its capabilities, spotted at the NVIDIA blog by phoneArena, the processor is now adorned with the title: 4-PLUS-1.

The inclusion of a low-powered core has been well received by the tech-community with the its presence reducing the stress on the more powerful parts of the processor and thus saving battery life. We’ve already seen it in action on the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, proving just how powerful the chip is and demonstrating great battery life.

Given the fact that many people would never know about the additional core, the new 4-PLUS-1 branding to describe the chip’s architecture should therefore raise awareness for the guts behind the glory and will likely be plastered all over upcoming Tegra-3 devices. In fact, only today with LG’s press release for the LG Optimus 4X HD, we came across mention of 4-PLUS-1, so can expect to much more next week in Barcelona at MWC and in months to come.


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