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Nvidia may be readying a 7-inch ‘Tegra Tab’

It’s fair to say that Nvidia’s latest mobile processor, the Tegra 4, has failed to make a dent in the market so far. Manufacturers seem much happier to use Qualcomm’s line of SoCs, and even the new Nexus 7 has eschewed Nvidia’s processor in favour of a Snapdragon chip. Still, Nvidia may have some plans to get Tegra 4 devices into consumer’s hands, even if the company has to build devices itself.

Chinese site MyDrivers has leaked pictures of the so-called Tegra Tab, a 7-inch device that’s said to house Nvidia’s Tegra 4 processor. The tablet reportedly includes a 5-megapixel camera, HDMI, and a USB port, but other specifications aren’t clear right now. The pictures demonstrate, though, that Nvidia is looking to use a similar dimple pattern to the Nexus 7 on the back of its own tablet. The materials used in the construction are said to be a mix of polycarbonate and ABS.

This won’t be the first device created by Nvidia to feature a Tegra 4 processor, though. The company recently released the Shield, a handheld gaming console running Android that features a 5-inch display. Reviews of the device have been positive, but it seems to serve a niche market. A tablet will appeal to a much wider audience, but Nvidia will have to be competitive on price if it hopes to steal the limelight away from the recently refreshed Nexus 7.

Spotted at The Verge/GSM Insider


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