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Nvidia to announce dual-core sequel: Tegra chips aim for Android phones

The high-powered Tegra 2 chip, with dual-processors, look set to be the standard this year for both forthcoming tablets like the Motorola Xoom and high-end smartphones, allowing both to show off high-resolution video effortlessly, run better games, and generally do everything faster.

But it looks like this is already old hat to Nvidia, who according to Nvidia’s Mike Rayfield, who are set to show the Tegra 3, perhaps a quad-core- that’s four, then – processor at next month’s Mobile World Congress.

Talking to Hexus, Rayfield said that their next processor would, “be in production around the same time as my competitors’ first dual-cores will.”

That’s fighting talk, Mike, but he remained stiff-lipped over whether the processor would be doubled, again, to a quad-core affair. Nvidia have said in the past that this year will be all about dual-core, but that quad-core is the future. (Don’t they always say that?)

The Nvidia man also said that they were focusing on developing their stuff for the ever-growing range of Android phones, and when asked whether we could expect to see their dual-core goodness in any future Win Pho 7 sets, he said that, “The next generation Windows announcement was demonstrated using a Tegra 2. We have a great relationship with Microsoft, but right now I’m focused on Android.” Not for a while then.


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