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O2 launches its range of LTE Mobile Broadband packages

Following on from its 4G LTE launch in October, O2 has launched LTE mobile broadband packages. The network will be offering two tiers: a pay-as-you-go style top-up system, and more conventional monthly tariffs.

ISPreview reports that O2 will allow customers to top-up £30 to receive 5GB of data that’s good for up to 90 days. Monthly tariffs, meanwhile, cost £15 for 3GB, and £25 for 5GB. Extra data will cost £10 per GB. Still, unused data will accrue from month to month, up to a maximum of 12GB. There aren’t any lengthy commitments either – O2’s mobile broadband plans are month to month.

O2 will be offering two hardware options to go along with the new plans. The first is a basic USB stick from ZTE that will cost £50, while the second – made by Huawei – also acts as a MiFi. The latter option will cost £65 and support Cat 3 speeds up to 100Mbit/s.

The plans are currently live on O2’s website and available to order now.


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