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O2 launches shared data plans for families and multi-device users

O2’s nifty new Sharer Plan and Family Sharer Plan mean you only need one contract for your entire family or all of your devices.

Great news if you’re not a loner or you carry around all manner of mobile tech. O2’s new Sharer and Family Sharer contracts will allow you to buy just one data bundle, up to 8GB, which you can then use across multiple devices.

Starting from £6 a month, the O2 Sharer Plan and Family Sharer Plan can be bagged from today, either by calling O2 or by visiting one of the high street stores.

The O2 Sharer Plan is designed for a single person who uses tablets and other data-connected kit as well as a phone. If you’re on an O2 Refresh tariff, minimum 1GB data allowance, then you can pay from £6 extra a month to spread this data across your other devices.

Meanwhile, the O2 Family Sharer Plan is designed to be spread across a number of individuals. You take out one plan for the whole clan, choosing from 1GB to 8GB of data, and then you pay extra for each new person you add to the plan. If that individual just wants a share of the data (e.g. they’re just using a tablet), that’ll cost you £6 a month. If they want minutes and texts as well, then it’ll cost £15 a month.

And great news if you like greasy food too, because when you sign up for one of O2’s sharer plans, you get a free £25 voucher to use either at Frankie & Benny’s or Chiquito’s. Now that’s the kind of cheeselicious offer we can really sink our teeth into!

Of course, shared plans is nothing new. EE has offered a shared family tariff for almost 18 months now, for instance. However, it’s good to see O2 take the step into family contracts, with most kids now packing their own handsets. Just make sure the little tykes know not to spend all day surfing, and using up that valuable allowance all on their own.


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