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Official: Vodafone selling the iPad 2 in the UK

This just in: Vodafone has announced that it’ll be selling the iPad 2. This news comes via a Coming Soon page we spotted on its UK site.

There’s no word on pricing, contracts, data rates or tariffs or any of that jazz just yet; just an announcement that Vodafone will be selling the next-gen Apple tablet.

For the time being, you can register for updates by following this link here.

Apple mentioned at its iPad 2 event that the pricing for the iPad 2 would be more or less the same as the original iPad 1.

So we can presume then that the asking prices for the iPad 2 on Vodafone will start at £529 for 16GB edition with 3G, £599 for 32GB and £699 for the 64GB versions.

Vodafone’s iPad 1 data prices cost £10 for 250MB a month and £25 for 5GB a month, so again we’re presuming that these will be the same or similar this time round.

More info on Vodafone’s iPad 2 prices and tariffs as and when we get it.



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