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Official ZX Spectrum emulator gets an iPad release

When we bought an iPad, playing ancient 8-bit computer games on it wasn’t super-high on our priorities, we admit. Not when there was drunken sofa X Factor-tweeting to be done, anyway.

However, Elite Systems might have changed our mind with the release of ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection HD.

It’s a fully tabletised version of the existing official Speccy emulator for iPhone, with 12 games preloaded. They include Chuckie Egg, Saboteur, Turbo Esprit, Harrier Attack and, ahem, Frank Bruno’s Boxing. Well, he was big news in his heyday…

Elite says it will be providing a free update to the £2.99 app before Christmas, with an in-app shop and a couple of dozen more games, with more than 200 licensed for eventual inclusion in the app.

With a healthy stash of excellent actually-designed-for-a-modern-touchscreen-tablet games available on the App Store, do people really want to play Spectrum classics, however loved? It looks like we’re about to find out.


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