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Oldboy director makes iPhone film

Critically acclaimed director Park Chan-wook has shot an entire thirty minute movie using Apple’s iPhone 4.

Famous for gritty and gory films like Lady Vengence and Thirst, Park was attracted to the shooting style of the 720p capable iPhone 4.

Park explained that “the new technology creates strange effects because it is new and because it is a medium the audience is used to.”

The film, entitled Paranmanjang, is said to follow Park Chan-wook’s typical dark cinematic tone. Translated from Korean, the title means ‘a life full of ups and downs’ and features a lead character who finds himself caught up between his present and past lives.

Shot on an extremely tight budget of just £85,000, the film made use of nothing but multiple iPhone 4 handsets. Park Chan-wook’s younger brother; Park Chan-Kyong explained that the handset allowed various different types of edits and angles.

The film is set to arrive in South Korean cinemas on January 27th.


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