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OnePlus 8T Review

OnePlus 8T makes the company’s usual mid-cycle upgrade to its main flagship product. However, OnePlus is opting just to give the regular 8 a bump this year – with no OnePlus 8 Pro “T” version to be seen. Nevertheless, OnePlus 8T is a top performance and a pleasing mid-range price

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What we love – Gorgeous display, shockingly quick charging and performance beast

OnePlus has been smashing it in the display department over the last couple of years and the 8T is no different. The new phone sticks to FHD+ but the highlight is the panel being one of the first 120Hz flat displays. Thus far, if you’ve wanted that sweet 120Hz, you’re had to go curved –  and not everyone’s a fan of the slippier and less screen protector friendly design.

The 120Hz 6.55-inch panel is brilliantly smooth and offers corking immersion for games and videos alike. Being an OLED screen, the display also provides vibrant colours from corner to corner.

Oppo and Realme have already debuted 65W charging on its 2020 phones and now OnePlus is joining the… charge (Sorry). The remarkably fast charging can fill the beefy 4500mAh battery in around 40 minutes and to 50% in 20 – for when you’re caught short before you venture out. You’ll be able to squeeze about six hours of screen-on time from a full charge and that’s even with that 120Hz refresh rate on board.

The new OnePlus device doesn’t offer the best of the best Qualcomm processor – the Snapdragon 865+ – seen on the likes of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Regardless, Android performance doesn’t get much better than this. OnePlus 8T comfortably outshines the likes of Pixel 5 in this department, which opts for the mid-range Snapdragon 765G at a similar price point.

The 8T also comes with either 8GB or 12GB RAM, which equates to being able to handling high graphical tasks and your day-to-day with ease.

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OnePlus 8T Review

What we don’t like – Still no IP rating or wireless charging and all but main camera is a bit naff

While premium devices like iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S20 offer both an IP rating and wireless charging, these are two key features that you sacrifice by dipping down to this lower price point. The features are present on OnePlus 8 Pro too, if you are wanting to stick with the brand, but you’ll need to fork out a bit more cash.

OnePlus has improved its camera chops in recent years but it can’t resist slapping on some naff secondary cameras. The macro and monochrome sensor are just not very useful – stick to improving the main camera, OnePlus.


OnePlus 8T is a terrific addition to the cluttered upper mid-range market, taking on Google and Samsung at every turn. While it may not be a OnePlus 8T Pro, the 8T still offers stunning performance and strong value for money.

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