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OnePlus Nord 2 is confirmed, in the most boring way possible

The sequel to OnePlus’ mid-range mobile has been confirmed, but what should have been an exciting announcement was a very damp squib.

We now know that the OnePlus Nord 2 is on its way, which is good news for anyone who’s considering buying a great value mid-range smartphone if its fine predecessor is anything to go by. But the way that good news was revealed left a lot to be desired; it was accidentally revealed in the small print of the terms and conditions of a partnership agreement between OnePlus and Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia, where it was spotted by Android Police.

Image Credit: Android Police / OnePlus

It’s hard to imagine a more boring confirmation of its existence than that, other than perhaps if a grey-suited accountant had accidentally discovered the confirmatory paperwork when it fell out of a catalogue, while he was searching for a particular shade of beige paint to re-do his utility room.

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The agreement itself means that anyone buying a new OnePlus device will be entitled to claim Stadia Premiere Edition, which normally costs £89.99, including a controller and a Chromecast Ultra. It’s not a bad deal by any means, even though Google’s cloud-based console doesn’t really seem to have caught the public imagination just yet  at least certainly not by comparison to the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

After the listing was publicised the name was removed from the above list of compatible devices, though the slip-up surely means that its official unveiling cannot be too long away — at which point it will probably receive a bit more fanfare.

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The original OnePlus Nord distinguished itself for its premium features, including a wonderful screen, super fast charging, and a very good camera set-up, despite costing less than half the price of many flagships. If its successor can build on that proud track record, then it will be far from boring.


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