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OnePlus X Camera Review

OnePlus X Camera Review: We take an in-depth look at the OnePlus X’s 13-megapixel rear snapper and 8-megapixel selfie camera to see how good they are at snapping everyday photos and recording Full HD video.

Interface and camera experience

The OnePlus X camera interface is a simple affair, which keeps the clutter well out of sight – something many manufacturers fail in. Flicking between the different modes is done iPhone-style, by swiping up and down the screen – with photo, video, slow motion, time lapse and panorama all on offer.

At the side of the camera interface you have the large, easy-tap shutter button, surrounded by four simple settings buttons. One toggles the flash, another turns the timer on and off and the third switches between the front and rear cameras. Finally you can switch to one of the special shooting modes (Clear Image, HDR and Beauty when snapping photos).

We like how you can quickly jump into the camera with a long or double-press on one of the hard touch-sensitive buttons beneath the OnePlus X’s screen. It’s an effective shortcut that can get you from any app to the camera in under a second. And if your phone is hibernating, you can also skip straight to the camera app by tracing an O shape on the screen, which impressively works pretty much all of the time.

OnePlus X camera samples photo gallery

The OnePlus X’s autofocus is impressively fast, not quite reaching Xperia Z5 levels but definitely proving better than other mid-range mobiles, providing the lighting conditions are good. As a result, photos take pretty much as soon as you hit the shutter button and are almost always sharp. The only issue is the processing delay when using the phone’s HDR or Clear Image features.

Below is our photo gallery of sample shots taken on the OnePlus X. As you can see, the dynamic range is strong in almost every shot, even when the HDR mode isn’t in play. Colours are realistically replicated and there’s plenty of detail on offer, whether you’re right up close to your subject or shooting from afar.

In low light, the OnePlus X can brighten up the scene so your photo doesn’t come out as a blurry mess. Photos are still quite grainy however, while any kind of movement results in blurring. You’re best off using the basic LED flash instead.

OnePlus X video recording

You can’t shoot 4K video with the OnePlus X, but you can record 1080p Full HD footage at 30fps as well as slow motion 720p video at 120fps.

Our HD footage looked fine if unremarkable. The lens works well to keep things in focus as you’re filming and captures a decent amount of detail, although the lack of image stabilisation means everything shakes a lot if you try to walk and film at the same time.

OnePlus X selfie camera

The OnePlus X’s 8-megapixel front camera is fine for selfies, especially if you want to cram lots of heads into one shot thanks to its wide-angle lens. Photos are generally quite sharp, although lacking in finer detail. Some of our indoor selfies also came out a little soft, with oversaturated colours, although most of them looked fine.

Your options are limited to Beauty Mode, which softens your skin and removes blemishes, as well as a basic timer.

Outdoor selfie taken on the OnePlus X
Indoor selfie taken on the OnePlus X


After a week of play, we’re definitely happy with the OnePlus X’s 13-megapixel camera, which proves a serious rival to the Motorola Moto X Play and Wileyfox Storm snappers. It’s  a pleasingly simple user experience and you can get sharp and attractive results with minimal effort.

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