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Orange gets Connected, launches iPhone 4 and iPad 2 on one plan: £99 for both on a £65 24 month contract

Thanks to iOS 4.3 enabling Wi-Fi tethering, there seems little point in shelling out for a 3G iPad 2 if you’ve got an iPhone 4.

However if you’ve not got an iPhone 4 and you’ve been umming and ahhing about getting an iPad 2, then this new just-announced Orange deal might be appealing.

The colourful network is now bundling iPhone 4’s and iPad 2’s together under one price plan, with the initial prices starting at £99.

The contracts, which all last 24 months, give you 600 minutes and unlimited texts as well as 2GB of ‘shared’ data between the devices and unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi access.

Initial asking prices for this bundle vary depending on memory sizes and whether or not you’re an Orange customer.

For example, existing Orange customers can snap up a 16GB iPhone 4 and 16GB iPad 2 for just £99 on a £65 a month deal. If you wanted to get a 32GB iPhone 4 and a 32GB iPad 2, then the price would increase to £229.

The prices are fully explained in the table above, taken from this page on Orange’s site.

New customers will have to pay an additional £50 on top of these prices to take advantage of the deal. So if you were a new customer and you wanted get get the cheapest deal, you’d need to stump up £149. The most expensive deal – for a 32GB iPhone 4 and a 64GB iPad 2, would set you back £349.

Compared to signing up for an iPhone 4 and iPad 2 separately on Orange this deal is pretty good. The closest two deals we could find that came close to the £65 offering (in terms of data) is an iPhone 45 contract and a £25 iPad 2 deal – both of these are 24 monthers and for 16GB iterations.

Combined here you’d get 2GB of internet use, but you’d have to pay £229 up front – £30 for the iPhone 4 and £199 for the iPad 2.

You’d get more minutes (1000 compared to 600) and thanks to the extra 1GB of midnight to 4pm ‘Quiet Time’ on the iPad 2 deal you’d get a little more flexibility with your data as well But you’d be paying £130 more for that initial cost.


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