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OUYA Android-based games console for under $100 could take on Xbox

The video games industry has had a lot on its plate in recent years, not only with the financial recession, but the increasing effect mobile devices have had on the market. The notion of console gaming falling out of favour in place of mobile gaming has passed the lips of some and established companies are trying hard to quell such talk. One company see all this as an opportunity however, to unite the mobile and console gaming world with their new product, OUYA.

The company who have placed their project on crowd funding website Kickstarter have made headlines today as their concept has captured the imagination of many a gamer, so much so that the company have exceeded the desired funding target by double in just the first day. The Kickstart page quoted OUYA’s financial goal at $950,000, which just over one day on from having gone live, has now been exceeded with funds standing at an incredible $2,483,641.


The Verge, who spotted the console last week noted that the console itself is an Android-based system designed for the home, bringing the existing Android gaming library to the TV, but the company are said to have bigger plans for OUYA. The focus is on creating an open platform for developers to sink their teeth into, offering SDKs and developmental hardware from the get-go. What’s more, OUYA is intended for free-to-play games, adopting the in-game payment systems employed by titles such as Team Fortress 2.

By keeps costs low and the platform open, OUYA hope to draw even more attention to themselves from consumers, developers and retailers. Although a working prototype is already up and running, the final product doesn’t yet have a scheduled arrival time, although the Kickstarter had 28 days left to go before they need to make good on their promises.


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