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OUYA online store readies itself for console’s late-March launch

In the latter half of 2012, one games console was making headlines left right and centre and it wasn’t the Xbox, PS3 or Wii, in fact it still hasn’t officially launched yet. The OUYA Kickstarter project saw the team behind this Android-based home games console raise over nine times their original target fund with some 63,000 backers offering up a cumulative total of $8,596,474.

As a result of the incredible success the OUYA Kickstarter project garnered, the prototype is now almost production ready, with the earliest backers looking to receive their OUYA consoles on March 28th. Indeed the other side of the Ouya experience comes in the form of the developers onboard to bringing their games, existing and new to the platform.

OUYA console and controller

As part of the project’s development, the company’s Kellee Santiago posted on the OUYA blog just yesterday that the OUYA online games store is coming out of beta and going truly live, with developers unfortunately having to resubmit any titles they’d previously uploaded. At the same time, titles hitting the Ouya store from today will be guaranteed to feature on the console at launch, letting thousands of eager gamers on the new platform to really put it through its paces.

An added bonus in all this is that according to Engadget, of the games on offer following the console’s eventual launch, the top three titles, measured over the first six weeks, along with their developers will be chosen to feature in a short documentary surrounding the creation of OUYA.

Excited about the arrival of OUYA and what it may mean for Android and console gaming, we’re certainly intrigued.


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