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Palm Pre: Premendous news everyone

Waiting for anything is incredibly irritating. Any sort of queue can often bring murderous levels of rage and frustration, turning even the most docile village priest into a potential psychopath. So it’s nice that O2 has finally confirmed that the Palm Pre will be available to UK customers on October 16th. Customers who want to get their hands on Palm’s latest gizmo will be able to purchase the Pre from O2 directly or from a choice of two of the largest resellers, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U.

It’s not all good news though, the Pre’s tariffs aren’t exactly cheap — think iPhone expensive. To get a free Palm Pre you’ll have to sign up to an 18 month contract at £44.05 per month or the even more wallet-hurting £73.41 per month tariff. Or if you don’t mind long contracts then you can opt for a 24 month deal which will get you a free Pre but will only cost you £34.26 per month. If you don’t fancy paying all that money out every month you can go for a choice of two lower priced tariffs – £29.38 and £34.26 respectively – but the Pre itself will cost you £96.89. All tariffs come with unlimited data packages so you can take advantage of the Palm Pre’s internet capabilities.

The Palm Pre looks to be a stunning piece of technology and could be the true iPhone alternative that many consumers have been crying out for. We think the tariffs are a little bit on the expensive side but that didn’t stop the iPhone from becoming a smash hit.


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