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Paper Toss game goes HD for iPad

More than 21 million people have downloaded iPhone game Paper Toss since it was released in June last year, attracted by the fact that it was free, but then gripped by its addictive gameplay.

Inspired by a famous web Flash game, it had you chucking balls of paper into a bin, with different office settings, obstacles like fans to put you off your throw, and online high-score tables.

It was great (and still is), but now there’s an all-new HD version for iPad. It’s not free – it costs £1.79 – and it’s effectively the same game just on a bigger screen. Well, there is one new level set in a pub, but otherwise it’s the Paper Toss millions know and love. Complete with verbal abuse from your virtual office co-workers.

The jury’s out on whether the game will match its iPhone popularity on iPad, but having downloaded it this morning, we’re rediscovering our ferocious addiction to it.


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