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Pebble Time hands-on review at MWC 2015

Pebble has done it again with the excellent Time, a long-lasting smartwatch with a full colour e-ink screen and a slick past/future interface.

Seeing how our major irritation with smartwatches thus far is the piss-poor battery life, Pebble’s watches are a breath of fresh air. Boasting a full week of use between charges, rather than the standard day or so, the Pebble Time is the ultimate portable pal, meaning you can leave the charger at home when you head away on business.

The new colour e-ink display is glorious too, boasting subtle tones that bring colour-coordination to your apps and desktops. It’s just as crisp and clear as earlier screens and as it’s a non-reflective panel, it’s easy to read in the sun (or the harsh overhead glare from MWC booths).

The Pebble Time rocks a neat past/present/future interface, which can be skipped between using the three buttons on the right edge. In the past section you’ll find everything that’s already happened: emails you received but maybe forgot to read, scores for your favourite sports teams and so on.

Skip to the future section and you’ll find a full itinerary of everything you’ve got coming up. Your appointments are arranged in time order, like a series of cards, and you can click your way into any of them to get more details.

Then there’s the apps section, which can be used to control your media and more. With a huge selection of stuff available on Pebble’s store, you shouldn’t get tired of the Pebble Time any time soon.

We like the simple, lightweight design of the Pebble Time. You can pretty much forget you’re even wearing it when it’s strapped to your wrist, and you can whip off the standard 22mm strap and replace it with any other of your choosing (including Pebble’s own colourful range).

The Pebble Time is still kicking it large on Kickstarter (chances are you’ve already backed it to get one), and Pebble is making a big announcement at 2pm today (Wednesday 3rd), so check back then for our full coverage.


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