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Pebble watch sells out on Kickstarter after raising $10.1 million

Kickstarter record breaker, the e-paper, bluetooth toting, Android and iOS compatible Pebble watch has now ceased mainstream funding on the site’s page. With some 8 days left to go before it’s official completion, funding has been effectively locked on

When we last wrote about the Pebble smartwatch, we were congratulating the team behind it; designer Eric Migicovsky and Allerta, for making Kickstarter history. They smashed practically every record set on the crowd-funded donations site and at the time, the total for their project stood at just over $5.1 million. An incredible achievement when you consider all they’d asked for was a relatively measly $100,000 to get the project off the ground, and with 30 days still to go, they’d already made 50 times their quota with the help of around 35,000 backers.

Pebble watch sold out on Kickstarter

The most recent stats on the watch’s page equate that between the 66,891 backers, an incredible $10,167,425 has been raised. Cast your mind back to our last post and you’ll notice that in the past 20 days, the project has doubled its funding and now stands at over 100 times larger than the original figure the company had asked for. But with so much momentum, why stop now, and earlier than they needed to for that matter?

According to CNET Asia, Eric and the company have effectively run out of rewards to dish out, having had to limit the initial batch of Pebbles going to backers to 85,000 units. Truth be told, those who still wish to back the project can donate a single dollar to remain in the loop on all things Pebble, but until the watch enters full scale production and makes it to general release, those too indecisive to have backed sooner, will have to wait with the rest of us.


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