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Perfect Christmas gifts for iPhone obsessives

It’s that time of year again. Now that it’s December, brush off the credit card and get shopping for your iPhone-adoring friends and family with our pick of the gifts:

iTunes gift card

Yawn, how unoriginal – that’s what you’re thinking, right? Gift cards are so impersonal yaddayadda. Sure, that may be true, but your iPhone-obsessive will probably appreciate all that moolah to spend on apps. Personalise the gift by researching some awesome apps and giving them a list of suggestions alongside the gift card. You’re bound to find some great inspiration in our apps section, if we do say so ourselves.

iPlunge iPhone stand

There are all manner of iPhone stands around, but this one is simple, effective, cheap and quite cute in its special plumbing way.

Sonos speaker system
Not for the cash-strapped, the Sonos wireless speaker system will set you back a pretty penny (min. £400) but it’s so painfully worth it in terms of quality. The sound is wonderful, and the lack of wires just makes us want to sing and dance.

The hub connects to your iTunes library wirelessly and allows you to control track listings, playlists, volume and skipping tracks using the free iPhone app. C’est fantastique. You can even stream music from Spotify now, making it the ultimate home-audio system.

Powermat wireless charger

Sticking with the almost-wireless theme, Powermat offers wireless charging using a specially made case and mat combo. We tested it out for iPhone 4 and found it easy and fun to use – the case isn’t particularly beautiful, but then again neither is having charger wires strewn around the house.

Camera lenses

These are wonderful little stocking-fillers for the Hipstamatic aficionado. Lending fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses to the iPhone’s camera, you can capture heaps more in each shot or get right up close and personal with a tiny subject. Buy them now from Photojojo, where you’ll also find a million other great gifts for photographers.

Little black book iPhone case

There are loads of iPhone cases available these days, but this is the one that’s stuck in my memory – if your iPhone-atic is also a Moleskine fan then they’ll adore the little black book case. If not, try scouring Etsy for something handmade and unique.

Parrot AR.Drone

Flying object? Check. Controlled by iPhone? Check. Augmented reality? Check. Incredible video to convince you that it’s worth the £300? Check. You can get your eager little mitts on it from HMV.

iPhone paraphernalia

Hard as they might try, iPhone fanboys and -girls can’t have their iPhones out at all times. Here are a few things they can use to remind everyone that they have an iPhone dontchaknow?

iPhone app chocolates | iPhone app fridge magnets | iPhone app keyrings | iPhone baby-gro

App icon cushions

How could we forget these adorable fleecey app cushions? Each one is handmade and will set you back £20 from Etsy – but we reckon the crafty ones among you could have a crack at making your own… [Thanks Tom!]

iPhone Decal

As beautiful as all the iterations of the iPhone have been, to the naked eye they are all exactly the same as each other. With an iPhone decal your pal can put their own personal stamp on the back of their w ü ünderphone – there’s a huge selection available online, but we particularly love the Leica M9 sticker.


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