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Phone with built-in projector launches in Japan

Labelled as the world’s first ‘projector phone’, Japanese phone network Docomo will start selling the PRO series SH-06C from today.

The projector will be able to display TV programmes from the phone’s own TV tuner, in addition to videos stored on the microSD card or streamed online.

Although we probably won’t be seeing over here, we’ve have a good read of their press release from ITMedia. Excuse the rusty Japanese translation.

The projector itself can be adjusted from a widget on the phone’s main display, though it can easily display what’s currently on the phone by holding the phone’s side-button. The projector manages to show close to two hours’ of TV on the battery, and can also be used while plugged in.

It can display on surfaces from 50cm to 3m away from the phone. Not really a cinema substitute, but we weren’t expecting that anyway. The pocket-sized projector- it’s just shy of 16mm thick- projects images at 640×360 resolution, and has Virtual 5.1 Dolby Mobile sound.

The phone itself weights just under 140g, with a 3.7-inch touchscreen and NFC wallet-phone technology.

The makers and designers from Sharp said that it was aimed for use “in homes and meeting rooms.” If used for a presentation, a Bluetooth-connected keyboard could move through slides like a remote. It could also be used to change channels or pause your videos. (It would only be around 2 metres away, though- get up and change the channel!)

Come on, Sharp, bring some of your phones over here. We’re gasping for a Disney phone.


Via: ITMedia  and Docomo


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