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Pic3D sheet transforms your iPhone into a 3D screen- for under £20

As smartphones get bolstered by new 3D-capable models, able to display glassses-free 3D without those awkward glasses, it’s not certain just yet as to whether the world of mobile 3D is a passing fad, or The Future of Mobile Entertainment.

We’re currently reviewing the Optimus 3D right now, and although the 3D effect is impressive, battery life looks to be a concern. HTC will also be entering the three-dimensional fray later this month with its own HTC Evo 3D.

Japanese Company Global Wave has created a lenticular lens screen-sheet, Pic3D, which you can lay over the front of any 2D screen, and with the help of the company’s app,. the phone screen simulates a 3D display by broadcasts dual videos side-by-side. You can even see 3D YouTube content by submitting two URLs of the appropriate video. A bit long-winded, but cheaper than new, heavier phone.

Costs look set to be around a rather wallet-friendly £15 (¥2000) for the iPhone but larger versions for your computer screen or TV will also be available, costing more, from August.

Here’s Diginfo TV’s video, explaining more about how the magical screen works.

Via: Engadget


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