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Playstation Vita-Droid!

Touch screens and video games. Now games are being made for finger swipes and long presses, things are on the up for this marriage, with titles like Infinity Blade and Angry Birds perking up commutes around the world. But then you arrive at the emulators, taking us back to our hay day with 2D side-scrolling beat-em-ups and 8bit RPGs music that makes us teary, incredible doses of nostalgia they may be, but the reality is anything but finger friendly.

What do we mean? If you’ve ever emulated on your Android you’ll know – a hadouken on a touch screen is about as intuitive as walking backwards while clapping your hands to the Pokemon theme tune.

If you’ve been stressing over your spinning bird kicks and uppercuts like we have and aren’t about to fork out for an upcoming PlayStation Vita, make nice with the Yinlips Android based YDPG18. Aside from the fact it’s got a sexy as title, it’s also got a 1.2GHz processor HDMI processor as well as a mish-mash of Emulator games to take full advantage of the PSV form-factor. Speaking of the form factore, we’d talk you around it, but it literally is a straight rip off of Sony portables we’ve grown to love.

Sadly, we can’t see the Yinlips YDPG18 making its way here anytime soon, but if this is all looking distinctly like what you wish the original Sony Ericsson Xperia Play looked like, you can either click through our gallery of the Yinlips or do your darndest to get one imported. If you do – fire some shots our way along with some thoughts – we’d love to see the Yinlips in action.

Source: Yinlips Via: Engadget, ASCII

Left shoulder button. Wonder where the got that idea?

The 5 inch display comes in at WVGA resolution.

Practical, no?

Front facing camera, 4 way d-pad, analogue stick and escape (back?) button.

Square, circle, triangle, cross. Oh, wait?

At the base it looks like a microSD card slot, possibly 2 3.5mm headphone jacks, a miniUSB poer and a screw.

Up top is the power button, mini HDMI and volume controls.


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