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Pocket Legends: Mobile RPG makes more money on Android than iPhone

As Android continues to catch up to app market leader, iTunes, many think that the lucrative iPhone and iPad market is where the big money is.

Surprising news, then, that the developers of the addictive Mobile MMORPG (MMMORPG?) Pocket Legends, have revealed that they’ve been making more money through their Android app, compared to the iOS version.

Spacetime Studios released their sales from the first 30 days of release, showing a pronounced difference between the two versions.

Despite the fact that there’s no in-app payment setup for the Android version, and so payments have to be done through the web browser, users are worth 30 to 50% more than gamers on an iDevice.

In response to this, the game development company decided to shift their promotion budgets across to Android apps. Talking to Computer world, Spacetime Studios CEO Gary Gattis thinks the reason for the difference is how Google is developing an environment for gaming apps- and so far, the lack of competition.

“Android’s a smaller pond for apps right now,” he says. “The support on the Google side has been much more tangible – they’re really trying to nurture the gaming community.”

While the Apple app store is tightly locked-down, which apps having to go through a rigid screening process before becoming available for download, Android is far looser; register as a developer on the Android market and you can release your apps for download straightaway.

Gattis said, “In some ways, it’s kind of like the wild, wild West. But that’s where the gold rush people made their claim. For us, the challenges have become opportunities.”


Source: Android Power


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