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Pokémon Go: How do I get the ‘Gen 2’ Eevee Espeon and Umbreon evolutions?

The latest Pokémon Go update has added 80 new Pokémon to catch from the Johto region, as seen in the Gold and Silver video games. Here is how to evolve your Eevee into Umbreon or Espeon.

Remember the trick to turn your Eevee into a Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon? Well, this trick is back, only this time around you have two new evolutions for the furry Pokémon (Umbreon and Espeon), which are part of the new 80 Gen 2 creatures made available in the latest Pokémon Go update.

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How many Eevee Candies do I need?

25 Eevee Candies are needed for each of the new Eevee evolutions so you may need to go on a hunt or transfer one or two Eevees going spare. If you were really smart, you would have done this during the Valentine’s Day event, which doubled the number of Candies you get from a transfer.

How do I turn Eevee into Umbreon?

First, you need to stand on your head and rub your tummy. Just kidding. Simply load up the Eevee you want to Evolve (perhaps do an appraisal to ensure it is up to the task) and then rename it ‘Tamao’ and hit evolve. This is the name of the owner of Umbreon in the cartoon show, in case you were wondering.

How do I turn Eevee into Espeon?

Get yourself an Eevee, get 25 Eevee Candies and then name your Pokémon ‘Sakura’ for an Espeon. Once again, Sakura was the name used in the cartoon show, mirroring the name trick for the Gen 1 Eevee evolutions.

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How often does the Eevee naming trick work?

Just the once, it seems, which means there is an argument for waiting until you have the absolute perfect Eevee for the evolution because it will then become random. You may, of course, only want to enhance your Pokédex collection, in which case it is a non-issue.

Do I need a special item?

Nope. Unlike a lot of other Gen 2 evolutions, little Eevee will happily become Umbreon or Espeon without needing to find anything else beyond 25 Eevee Candies.

Is Umbreon and Espeon any good?

Without having tested the new Eevee evolutions and their unique move-sets extensively, it is impossible to say. But Vaporeon is an absolute beast so there is potential for a new Gym battler or defender. Guess you will just have to find out and let us know in the comments.

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