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Pokémon GO’s Halloween event update: What to expect

Starting today, Pokémon GO is getting into the seasonal spirit with a Halloween update that brings more frequent spooky spawns and tons more candy.

It’s no secret that general interest and player retention in Pokémon GO has waned slightly since it exploded onto the mobile gaming scene back in July, but there are still plenty of the tricks up Niantic Labs’ sleeves to keep people coming back to the geolocation–based monster catching game, with special events being first on the list.

From October 26th to November 1st, Niantic has reworked Pokémon spawning, so you’ll more likely bump into ghost types like Gastly and Gengar, as well as other creepy critters such as Zubat and Hypno. Here’s the full list of Pokémon you’ll likely encounter during the event: Zubat, Golbat, Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Drowzee and Hypno, although we’ve already seen an increase in Cubones and Meowths (which we assume might be standing in for the season’s signature black cats) too.

Along with altered spawning behaviour, as is customary for Halloween, you’ll also receive heaps more candy from carrying out various in-game actions. For the most part, the amount of candy up for grabs has been doubled, so you’ll receive six instead of three for catching a Pokémon, two instead of one for transferring a monster to Professor Willow and your buddy Pokémon will find candy four times faster than normal.

Hatching eggs offers the greatest potential yield in a single hit however, with standard amounts randomly ranging from 3 to 35 candies per hatched egg being doubled, meaning you could nab yourself up to 70 candies from a single egg!

The update is available now and if you’re not sure whether it’s in play, just keep your eyes peeled for more ghostly Pokémon roaming the streets, and white hands on shoulders too, of course.

No idea what we’re talking about? Check out our Pokémon GO explainer, here.


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