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Porsche P’9530 phone runs on Android and records 3D HD video; shame it’s only a concept

There’s nothing like a bit of good mobile phone concept art to make us go ‘aaah if only…’ The concept art for the Porsche P’9530 looks so much like a touchscreen version of the Porsche P’9521 flip phone that we mistakenly thought it was real for a second. So you can only imagine our crestfallen faces when we realised it’s not.

In reality, the Porsche P’9530 is the work of technology student André Duarte Silva, who has some pretty interesting ideas about mobile phones and design in general.

The P’9530 is fashioned from glass and aluminum and features a 3.8-inch OLED screen. There’s also a dual camera set up that uses two 5-megapixel cameras to record 3D film at 720p.

On the UI side of things, André has opted for a custom skinned version of Android which boils everything down to the essentials; there’s three homescreens, one for social, one for calls and messages, and one for news feeds. The phone charges over a mini USB connection (instead of the now-standard micro) and has a 3.5mm audio jack.

André cites the original Porsche Design phones, old-school Leica cameras, Apple and strong coffee as his inspiration. He has a few interesting things to say about mobile design and Apple’s Jonathan Ive on his blog, where you can see more pictures of the Porsche P’9530.

[Source: André S. design via Yanko Design]


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