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Portal for Android port: A delicious, but totally unofficial slice of cake

Valve’s Steam apps for iOS and Android are looking very tasty (who doesn’t like free discounts?) but what we’d really like to see is an official port of Portal.

For the uninitiated, Portal is a mind-bending, highly-acclaimed FPS where you negotiate puzzles and traps with a gun which shoots two A to B portals into walls, floors and ceilings. Trust us when we say it’s pretty good.

This alpha port of the game, spotted by Android Police, is sadly unofficial. Much like the iPhone port that surfaced a few years back, it’s a proof-of-concept jobbie developed using Unity. So while you won’t be able to get all the way to the end (no cake for you) it’s a tantalising glimpse of what one day might be.

With quad-core tablets like the Asus Eee Pad Transformer absolutely blazing through titles like Shadowgun, and some quad-core phones expected to hit the stands at MWC, the hardware’s certainly up to the job.

We’ve got OnLive available on the Android Market now plus we’ve seen full ports of big games like Grand Theft Auto III hitting the iPhone, iPad and high-end Android phones. So why not let us turn our gadgets into actual, full time companion cubes?


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