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Price Comparison: iPad Air vs iPad Mini Retina vs iPad Mini

Apple’s iPad tablets are pricey beasts, so which one is the best for you, given your budget?

As you can see from our nifty price chart below, the iPad Mini with Retina display boasts the same range of models as bigger brother the iPad Air, and there isn’t a huge amount of difference in terms of cost. Just £80 more bags you the equivalent Air in every instance, and it’s worth considering if you prefer a bigger screen for your media, apps and web browsing, and money is no object.

The original iPad Mini is still available, but only comes in a 16GB flavour. The £70 saving might seem tempting, but we’d go with the Retina model every time, for the screen improvements alone. The Retina version really does improve the overall user experience a significant amount, and look at it this way – you can either upgrade to the latest Mini, or buy yourself roughly 14 large Big Mac meals. The iPad Mini with Retina display will also leave you feeling a lot less greasy.

We’d also recommend bagging at least a 32GB iPad model if your wallet can handle the damage. Individual apps these days can be over 1GB alone, so that space gets eaten up fast. The original iPad Mini only comes in 16GB, so you get no choice.


Model      iPad Air       iPad Mini Retina     iPad Mini    
16GB WiFi 399 319 249
16GB WiFi Cellular 499 419 349
32GB WiFi 479 399  
32GB WiFi Cellular 579 499  
64GB WiFi 559 479  
64GB WiFi Cellular 659 579  
128GB WiFi 639 559  
128GB WiFi Cellular 739 659  



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